eVanics drives the demand of your business through corporate
proven business management and engineering  practices.  Our obsession is to always provide "technology for the sake of business, not technology" with all those answers one telephone call away.

Analysis of your business needs

The keystone of our company. and, one of our competitive advantages.

We work together with a client to define potential issues that impede the success of that business. Using a formal process developed at a leading Bay Area university, our team guides you through key aspects of your business. The outcome of that process may point to potential improvements, whether a subtle change in existing processes or through the creative application of technology.

Outsourced IT Management

·         Contract, on-site OR remote administration by Colorado Networks staff, options to best fit your business needs. Lower your staffing costs while maintaining on-site response time! SummitCare is a complete system management solution to keep business running at peak efficiency and security.

Computing Services

·         Workstation/server design, specification, installation & support

·         Hosted application services or systems from our data centers, "local cloud" where you have control of a situation, not a number in the support queue

·         Custom software applications

·         System management for all Microsoft®, Apple® & Linux platforms. Local and remote

·         Custom data backup implementations to guard valuable business records.

Network/Cyber Security Services

·         Customized security strategies that protect critical business data

·       World class automated monitoring. We're working on a solution before a client notices a problem

·         Network design & implementation using the latest security technologies

·         Secure office connections to link remote sites

·         Overall network administration to insure maximum reliability

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