eVanics satisfies the demands of business security
with a complete line of network products through a strategy of
selected partnerships and our core competency line of security devices.

A few examples:



Our newest product suite for the demanding needs of business information storage. ColoradoNAS or Network Attached Storage is a cost effective solution that provides scalable storage from 750Gbytes through 10 TeraBytes (10,000 GigaBytes).

Used in tandem with traditional servers or as a stand alone device, ColoradoNAS provides a way to add greater file storage without the need to upgrade to change existing servers. All this while greatly reducing the cost of expanding local storage.

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Tired of paying the huge monthly maintenance contracts and never see your support people? Experience the “summit” of system management. Unparalleled support requiring NO monthly
retainer!  Get the service you need when you need it on a pay-as-you-go solution.

ColoradoOffice TM

Our secure portal product for healthcare professionals, telecommuting workers and anyone needing access to information from a remote office. Ideal for physicians working away from the office that want to review electronic patient records and images. For the telecommuter, our product enables a secure method to access your main information servers.

Meets all 2005 HIPAA security requirements!

Whether a fixed remote office or a mobile laptop,  our solution protects your business information while away from the office.

High Availability Computing Systems - Virtualization

When mission critical applications demand the highest reliability of your infrastructure, Colorado Networks has the answer. Our fully redundant or "fail-over" solution is the latest in our line of business products that insures business continuity.

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