• Oct 2016
    - Colorado Networks Inc. announces an integral relationship with the National Cybersecurity Center

    The multi-State cyber security partnership known as the National Cyber Exchange is now
    an integral partner with the National Cybersecurity Center. At the direction of the Governor of
    Colorado, the center becomes a hub for security research, threat sharing and training, advancing a national effort toward cyber resiliency within small to mid-size businesses. Colorado Networks Inc. is a prime operational partner within the Center.

  • June 2016
    - Colorado Networks Inc/eVanics and Imprimis create the standard for red/blue team cyber evaluations

    Colorado Networks Inc. and Imprimis have entered into an agreement whereby NIST certified
    cyber evaluations and remediation plans are available without concerns of conflict of interest.
    Within their joint membership with the Nation Cyber Exchange (formerly Western Cyber Exchange)
    the two organizations are recognized as leaders in data/network security.

  • Oct 2015
    - In a joint development with its European office, Colorado Networks & eVanics announce "Opdringen".

    The Flemish/Dutch translation for "intrude"; both organizations express their excitement with the co-development and extension of a "bleeding edge" cyber security evaluation and penetration program. The product expands the ability for both organizations to evaluate and offer security evaluations to mid/high-market companies to meet their fiduciary and business requirements.
  • May 2013:
    - eVanics/Colorado Networks opens an expanded cyber forensics facility.

    eVanics/Colorado Networks recently completed its move to a new facility at 3630 Sinton Road in Colorado Springs, CO. Announcing the move, company head Jeff Beauprez stated. "The move gave us an opportunity to expand our capability in the areas of threat and intrusion analysis." "We're excited with the continuing growth in services to our business customers in the ever challenging cyber threat to data and intellectual property protection." Operations are scheduled to be fully functional my the end of the month.

  • August 2010
     Colorado Networks announces the eVanics will become the parent company for its overall business

    eVanics, Inc. is a global ICT firm building upon the foundation of Colorado Networks, Inc. Our commitment is technology from a basis of return on investment or ROI. That commitment applies not only to domestic US business but to all our clients. To better serve all customers Colorado Networks, Inc. will become a subsidiary of eVanics with operations focused on the western portion of the domestic US market.
  • 1 March 2010:
    - Colorado Networks moves into the global market with the formation of their European subsidiary.

    "Today marks a milestone for Colorado Networks" in an announcement by company president Jeff Beauprez. "Today we launch eVanics, Inc. as our unique branding for the European market segment and to accommodate Colorado Networks' growing presence in the region. We are driven to provide the same results to clients in this market segment as elsewhere and eVanics will lead that effort." 

    Look for more details to be released in the near future about the exciting projects underway.

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